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2015 Gloria Award Recipient – Danilo Perez

Panamanian pianist, Danilo Perez is more than a musical genius. He is a true champion of the arts. He believes in the transformative power of the arts, and in its ability to unite people from all walks of life. He has created a new musical idiom through such compositions as ‘Suite of the Americas’ and […]


2014 Gloria Award Recipient: Paulina Garcia

Paulina has wowed theater, television and movie audiences in her native country since she professionally stepped on stage for the first time in 1983 in the lead role of Paco Rivano’s play “Where Is Jeanette?,” winning her Chile’s Association of Entertainment Journalists’ Award (APES) for Best Actress. As an actress she has appeared in over […]


2013 Gloria Award Recipient: Jorge Perugorria

Born 1965 in Havana, Cuba, Jorge Perugorria began his acting career in 1984.   In 1993, he burst onto the big screen with the movie “Strawberry and Chocolate,” nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.  He has appeared in more than fifty films shot in Cuba, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Puerto […]


2012 Gloria Award Recipient: Ventura Pons

Born in Barcelona in 1945, Ventura Pons is one of the most important and best-known Spanish film directors. Pons began his career in the theater and burst into the international film scene in 1978 with “Ocaña, retrat intermittent”, a touching portrait of one of that city’s most famous tranvestites.  Pons has produced and directed over […]


2011 Gloria Award Recipient: Damián Alcázar

Damián Alcázar is a Mexican actor born in 1953.  Alcázar initiated his career as an actor at the age of 32 in the short film “El Centro del Laberinto” (1985) and in the following year, he participated in “Debutantes.” Thereafter came “Dos Crímenes” by Roberto Sneider (1995), “Baja California: El Límite del Tiempo” (1998) by […]


2010 Gloria Award Recipient: Francisco J. Lombardi

The recipient of the 2010 Gloria Award is Peru’s most prolific and successful auteur, director Francisco J. Lombardi.  From his 1977 feature debut “Muerte al amanecer” to his eighteenth feature, “Ella” (2010), Lombardi has received numerous awards from all over the world including the 2004 Irene Diamond Award for his lifelong commitment to human rights […]


2009 Gloria Award Recipient: Richard M. Daley

Richard M. Daley is a former Mayor of Chicago. He was in office from 1989 to 2011 and was awarded the Gloria Award in 2009 for his commitment to the arts and culture in the city of Chicago. Richard M. Daley and his wife Maggie Daley promoted the arts in Chicago and launched efforts to […]

Jacobo Morales (Puerto Rican Director) Gloria award winner 2008

2008 Gloria Award Recipient: Jacobo Morales

Jacobo Morales is an actor, director and writer from Puerto Rico. Born in 1934, he was awarded the Gloria Award in 2008 for his long life commitment to cinema. He started his career when he was 14 years-old and his work has been recognized both in and outside of Puerto Rico. In 1990 his film […]


2007 Gloria Award Recipient: Alberto Lecchi

Alberto Lecchi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1954 and won the Gloria Award in 2007.  Lecchi worked for the first time in cinema in 1978 and until his debut as a filmmaker, he worked on thirty films as first and second assistant director.  In 1993 he released at last, his opera prima: “Perdido […]


2006 Gloria Award Recipient: Concepción “China” Zorrilla

Concepción “China” Zorrilla was born in Uruguay and she was awarded the Gloria Award in 2006. China’s filmography includes over thirty films, TV series and plays. She obtained her first role in the film “Un guapo del 900” in 1971. Her latest on screen appearances include “Elsa y Fred” in 2005 and “Tocar el cielo” […]


2005 Gloria Award Recipient: Carlos Diegues

A director, producer and screenwriter, Cacá, as he is affectionately known, was born on May 19th, 1940, in Maceió, Alagoas.  His work — well known in Brazil and internationally — combines politics, humor and lyricism and he is a member of the ‘Cinema Novo’ movement.  In his films, he approached many times the theme of […]


2004 Gloria Award Recipient: American Airlines

American Airlines has been the Official Airline of the Chicago Latino Film Festival since 1988 and in 2004 was the first corporate recipient of the Gloria Award. AA has been a long time supporter of the International Latino Cultural Center and has helped to develop, promote and increase awareness of Latino cultures throughout Chicago.  Pictured […]


2003 Gloria Award Recipient: Leonardo Nierman

Mexican artist Leonardo Nierman received the Gloria Award in 2003 for his cutting edge approach to the visual arts and his imaginative masterpieces. Nierman has been active for over 50 years and has created abstract paintings and sculptures. His work has been displayed by institutions such as the Vatican Gardens, The Art Institute of Chicago […]


2002 Gloria Award Recipient: Humberto Solás

Cuban director Humberto Solás received the Gloria Award in 2002, when he presented “Miel para Oshún” at the 18th Chicago Latino Film Festival Closing Night Gala. He has also won another 13 awards for filmmaking and has been nominated for many others. His first feature film, “Lucia” (1969) was critically acclaimed. He also directed “Un […]


2001 Gloria Award Recipient: Rita Moreno & Arturo Ripstein

Rita Moreno Puerto Rican actress, singer and dancer Rita Moreno was born as Rosa Dolores Alverío in 1931.  She has worked in film (“The King and I”, 1956), Broadway (“West Side Story”, 1961) and television (“Oz”, 1997-2003), to name just a few of her roles.  Moreno has won an Emmy (1977), a Grammy (1972), an […]


2000 Gloria Award Recipient: Federico Luppi

Federico Luppi is an Argentinian actor born in Buenos Aires in 1936. He has acted in over 100 movies, as well as TV shows and theater plays. He debuted on the big screen in 1964 in “Pajarito Gómez” and he is one of the favorite actors of Guillermo del Toro and Adolfo Aristarain. He has […]

Celia Cruz(Gloria Lifetime Achievement Winner), Pepe, Isidro Lucas - Board Member 15th CLFF (1999)

1999 Gloria Award Recipient: Celia Cruz & Ignacio López Tarso

Celia Cruz Cuban-American salsa performer Celia Cruz was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1925.  She is the most vibrant and influential salsera of all times and her career spans five decades, with more than 70 albums, a Grammy Award and countless sold out concerts.  In 1961 she moved to New York and since then collaborated […]