Marcelina is a single mother and immigrant who has struggled for many years to make a living. When she begins to make and sell a unique type of tamales, her situation changes. Her business begins [...]

Victor & Isolina

This documentary in a unique style of hybrid animation tells the story of Victor and Isolina, a couple in their 80’s, now living apart, who answer their grandson’s (the filmmaker) questions about their life-long, complex, [...]

Playing America’s Game

Playing America's Game" examines the history of Latinos in baseball and profiles University of Illinois history professor Adrian Burgos Jr., whose work discusses the trials faced by Latin players in the days of baseball segregation. [...]

María Mariachi

Maria is a young Mexican-American teenager who is committed to mariachi music. In this short film, Maria tells us how mariachi music has changed her life and how hard she's worked to make her dream [...]


J-Def is the story of Jeff Maldonado, an artist from the Pilsen community in Chicago. He began an art program after his son was killed in a shooting in the neighborhood. This film talks about [...]


In her senior year in high school, Ilse Cruz faces the realities of being undocumented - going to college or visiting her homeland in Mexico seem to be impossible, however, a few months before graduation, [...]

The Search

This Student Academy Award finalist documentary explores the life-long struggle of Estela de Carlotto to find her grandson, Guido, after her pregnant daughter was kidnapped, taken to a government detention center, tortured and killed in [...]