“Spark” tells the story of Oscar, a Venezuelan student who is detained for helping organize a protest against the violence. After an internet shut down, Oscar’s mother and friends use a Bluetooth-based software called SPARK [...]

Hold / Arraigo

Maria, a 10-year-old girl, does not accept that her older brother has to leave the house to find better opportunities, leaving her in the care of a neighbor. She refuses to say goodbye, but must [...]


Marcelina is a single mother and immigrant who has struggled for many years to make a living. When she begins to make and sell a unique type of tamales, her situation changes. Her business begins [...]

Playing America’s Game

Playing America's Game" examines the history of Latinos in baseball and profiles University of Illinois history professor Adrian Burgos Jr., whose work discusses the trials faced by Latin players in the days of baseball segregation. [...]

Milk / Leche

Nina, a 9 year-old Dominican American girl rejected by her peers in school because of her albinism, finds solace in the death of an albino deer in her community as she is forced to be [...]

María Mariachi

Maria is a young Mexican-American teenager who is committed to mariachi music. In this short film, Maria tells us how mariachi music has changed her life and how hard she's worked to make her dream [...]


In her senior year in high school, Ilse Cruz faces the realities of being undocumented - going to college or visiting her homeland in Mexico seem to be impossible, however, a few months before graduation, [...]