Outreach Programs

Free Student Matinee Outreach Program

What began with less than 1,000 attendees has grown into a mini-program of the annual Film Festival with an audience of more than 4,000 Chicago area students (primarily from the public schools) The students attend free daytime film screenings at Festival theaters as a class. This program just celebrated its 16th anniversary during this year’s Chicago Latino Film. The program provides students with an opportunity to view films that are otherwise inaccessible, and talk with the directors who host post-screening dialogue with them. They see Latinos in more positive roles than those often portrayed in commercial films and for some students it is a way to connect with their own cultural heritage. For the non-Latino students, it gives them the opportunity to learn about other cultures.

For more information about this program, please send an email to: education@latinoculturalcenter.org


Student Film Segment

Student Film Segment presents short films made by student filmmakers from various countries in Latin America and in the Chicago area. It will focus on showing the work of new talents in filmmaking and bring them and their works to Chicago during the 30th Chicago Latino Film Festival .

This segment will include short films from La Escuela Veracruzana de Cine Luis Buñuel, DePaul University, and Schurz High School, among others. It will show the work being done at film schools, presenting the perspective of young people in this new era of globalization and technology. After the screening, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual dialogue with the student filmmakers regarding their experiences, their expectations and what inspired them to bring their stories to the screen.

The Student Film Segment of the Chicago Latino Film Festival is organized by the International Latino Cultural Center, The Latino Media and Communication, The College of Computing and Digital Media and The Latin America Initiatives at DePaul University with the valuable collaboration of CPS.