Image of the 34CLFF Poster

Yağmur Genç is a freelance graphic designer and a student of Visual Communication Design at Medipol University in Istanbul. Last year she won the Bronze Prize in the Next Generation category of Nikon’s annual photo contest for her image titled “Lonely Girl,” and third prize in Contrado’s bottle design contest.

“Every movie is actually a journey. All the films we watch introduce us to different worlds and perspectives. In all the movies I have watched since my childhood, I thought that the audience was actually a part of the movie. I wanted to show this idea in my design. The female figure represents the audience and the eye the connection between the audience and the movie. I also aimed to achieve a different perspective by using warm and cold tones together. The flowers on the edge of the banner reflect the multi-color of Latin American culture,” explained Genç.
—Yağmur Genç

“Every year we strive to select an image that is not only representative of our culture but also of film culture as a whole. Our choices are not made lightly. We are always amazed at the many ways Latino culture is represented and interpreted by artists worldwide. We chose Yağmur’s image for its uniqueness and originality in expressing that deep connection we all feel towards cinema,”
— Pepe Vargas, Festival Director