Image of the 34CLFF Poster

Rome-based Polish graphic artist, Michal Tadeusz Golanski, is the winner of the 35th Chicago Latino Film Festival Poster Contest. A graduate of RWTH Aachen University in Germany, where he completed his Master of Arts Degree, Golanski has participated in dozens of contests, biennials and exhibits across Europe and Latin America having won first place in such prestigious competitions as the Global Social Change Film Festival and Institute in Indonesia and the First International Contest of Theatrical Poster in Odessa, Ukraine, and second place in the “To Death With a Smile 2013-14” poster competition organized by the Mexican Museum of Design in Mexico City and which had as its subject matter personal considerations or approaches to death. He also participated in Bienial del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé 2017, South America’s most important design competition.

“My design depicts an idea of the 10th muse, supposed to be known in some cultures as the goddess of cinema. Translating it to the imagery of Latin America, I was inspired by the visual heritage of its ancient civilizations, particularly Incan and Mayan art.”
— Michal Tadeusz Golanski

“When we opened up the contest world-wide four years ago, we wanted to give artists from around the world the opportunity to share with us and our community their unique perspectives on our culture, and the results have been enlightening. Michal’s poster design not only celebrates cinema but the role women have played in front and behind the camera since the beginning of this art form. The Chicago Latino Film Festival has long acknowledged the contributions Iberoamerican women have made to film and this year we will once again feature the incredible visions and stories from first-time women filmmakers and veterans alike.”
— Pepe Vargas, Festival Director