Chicago Latino Film Festival
Event Series Until The End Of Times

Until The End Of Times

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Patricio’s (Bruno Bichir) wife has asked for a divorce, he can’t see his daughter and he has lost millions of dollars. Talk about a streak of bad luck! His eccentric friend offers him a room in a mansion that houses resident artists. There he meets Natalia (Karla Coronado), a young woman in charge of the mansion’s organic garden, with whom he establishes a relationship. A video installation about nuclear war will help him find his way again.

Event Series 98 Seconds Without A Shadow

98 Seconds Without A Shadow

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Every moment is precious for 16-year-old Genoveva; so much so that she counts every moment in her life in seconds. She is devoted to her newborn brother Nacho and to her ailing and colorful grandmother Clara Luz (Geraldine Chaplin). She also puts up with the bullying and strict mores at her all-girl Catholic school. The arrival of Hernán, her catatonic mother’s spiritual guru, may actually offer a way out from her small, parochial, increasingly violent town in this quirky and sometimes surreal coming-of-age story.

Event Series The Preacher

The Preacher

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

As the city of Quito prepares to celebrate another Good Friday, two construction workers find a dead man crucified in the courtyard of the house they are renovating. Nearby, a man in a blood-stained shirt sits in his car. His name is Antanacio, a scammer who has turned a young girl who claims to have visions of the Virgin Mary into a profitable business. But things have gotten out of hand

15 Ways to Kill Your Neighbor

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

From Santiago Mitre, the director of "Argentina, 1985," comes this deliciously twisted dark comedy about a man who refuses to die. José (Daniel Hendler) has moved to France with his partner and daughter. Unemployed, José refuses to learn French. One day, this stay-at-home dad knocks on his neighbor’s door to borrow a shovel; he is welcomed in by Jean-Claude (Melvil Poupaud), a bon-vivant. Jean-Claude rubs him the wrong way and José impulsively kills him with the shovel. Much to his chagrin, he discovers his new neighbor alive and well the following morning. Now he must kill him again…and again…and…

Event Series Love in the Dark

Love in the Dark

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Gerardo Chijona ("Adorable Lies", "A Paradise Under the Stars") intertwines three very different stories about love, obsession and crime that converge in the end. Ricky travels back to Cuba to visit his family and his old girlfriend who has put on significant weight since he last saw her. Celina, a necrophiliac, steals a corpse who turns out to be incredibly loquacious. Claudia tries to con a drug dealer in a desperate search for money. Featuring Enrique Molina in one of his last roles for the big screen before his death two years ago.

Event Series The House Among the Cactuses

The House Among the Cactuses

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Emilio and Rosa (Ariadna Gil) have lived what they consider a perfect life with their five daughters in a remote place in the Canary Islands until one of their daughters dies. Their period of grieving is short lived as they return to their routine: buying and selling goods at the local market and the daughters’ homeschooling by a teacher…But something’s amiss: one of their twin daughters is asked to hide in her room every time they receive a visitor, including the teacher. Emilio and Rosa’s secret will be unveiled when a tourist walks up the road asking for directions.

Event Series Incomplete Lovers

Incomplete Lovers

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Grumpy 60-year-old José has led an apparently happy life with his wife Elena. José can’t bear living without her after she unexpectedly dies of a heart attack during his birthday celebration. But when he finds Elena’s diaries where she writes about her dalliances with three different lovers, José decides to confront all three in an attempt to make sense of his relationship with Elena.

Event Series The Shape Of Things To Come

The Shape Of Things To Come

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

V. Checa’s feature debut takes place in a dystopian Peruvian city that could very well be Lima and where 12-year-old Teo helps his father work on a machine that can actually make rain in a place that has never seen it. To help his father find the parts that he needs, Teo becomes involved with a gang of young spies with whom he embarks on a series of adventures which will make him question his father’s obsession.

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