Chicago Latino Film Festival
Event Series I Am Berta

I Am Berta

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

On March 2, 2016, environmental activist Berta Cáceres was gunned down by hired hitmen. She had led the Lenca people in their efforts to stop the construction of a hydroelectric plant on the Gualcarque River. Two nights before her assassination, Cáceres wrote down the names of the people and companies who wanted her dead. Katia Lara’s documentary traces the efforts of a local journalist and an international lawyer to solve Berta’s murder which led to the 2021 guilty verdict of those responsible.

Event Series Parsley


Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Last year’s winner of the Audience Award for Narrative Feature Film at the Miami International Film Festival, Cabal’s ("Woodpeckers", "The Projectionist") new film takes place during the infamous 1937 massacre of Haitians ordered by Dominican dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo. Marie, a Haitian woman expecting her first child with Dominican husband Frank, is forced into hiding when her village is attacked by the armed forces. She seeks refuge in the mountains, hoping that she will not turn into another victim of this brutal racist attack.

Event Series Without Prescription

Without Prescription

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Olivia has managed to keep her OCD at bay for a year. But that little voice in her head that compels her to brush her teeth over and over makes an unexpected visit in the middle of her family’s Christmas party. Unable to secure her prescription because of her insurance, she asks David, the local pharmacist’s son, to sell her some illegally. A nasty rainstorm traps both Olivia and David in his apartment. Winner of the Audience Award in the Global category in the 2022 SXSW Film Festival.

Event Series Yo, Traidor

Yo, Traidor

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Inspired by the Biblical parable of the prodigal son, Fernández Engler’s thriller tells the story of Máximo, the youngest son of a powerful family in Argentina’s fishing industry who asks his father for his share of his inheritance so he can break out on his own. Máximo settles down in a fishing village in Patagonia where he establishes a business relationship with the enigmatic Caviedes and runs afoul of Coletto, a local fisherman who opposes the exploitation of these waters. Máximo becomes ensnared in a corrupt web of his own making.

Event Series She & I

She & I

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Bia fell into a coma twenty years ago after giving birth to her daughter. She has been a fixed but silent presence in her family until she finally wakes up. Now, not only does Bia have to relearn how to speak and move; she has to do so in a household where her now ex-husband is married to another woman and her daughter has to figure out how to relate to this complete stranger. This touching, heartbreaking film shows how we readapt to new circumstances and overcome the challenges they bring.

Event Series Eami


Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Winner of the Tiger Award at the 2022 Rotterdam International Film Festival and Paraguay’s official selection for the Academy Award for Best International Feature, Paz Encina’s sensorial documentary hybrid reveals the impact of deforestation over Paraguay’s Ayoreo Totobiegosode native people through their own mythology. The Asojá, the bird-god-woman, takes the form of 5-year-old Eami, who is in a trance after her village is destroyed. Her memories are the only way to keep her people alive.

Event Series The Huntress

The Huntress

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Shot in the Chilean Andes in the middle of the pandemic, Duplaquet’s latest film tells the story of a mother and son who have survived a planetary health catastrophe and subsist by hunting and selling rabbits. The appearance of Rena, a mysterious woman trying to cross into Argentina who tries to steal their jeep, exposes the fragile balance between mother and son and awakens a series of feelings which seemed to have been lost due to the loneliness and precariousness of their lives.

Event Series 9


Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Christian’s dreams of becoming a soccer superstar are about to collapse after a fight with a member of the Colombian national team. Besieged by fans and the press, Christian isolates himself as his father and manager tries to save his career and honor prior commitments. Christian’s budding relationship with next door neighbor Belén provides some comfort in this turbulent moment. 9 is a perceptive inquiry on the impact of fame, success and money on one’s happiness and freedom.

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