Chicago Latino Film Festival
Event Series Jupía


Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

According to Taíno legend, the jupía are spirits who live on our earthly plane and who can adopt any form, usually female. They only go out at night to feed on guava and visit those places they once used to call home. But be careful how you invoke them. Police detective Tomás will learn how as he investigates his wife’s murder and daughter’s disappearance. All roads lead to a dilapidated nursing home on the outskirts of the city, where he’ll be confronted by Atabey, an enigmatic nurse with mysterious powers.

Event Series Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Forlorn after his girlfriend dumps him and tired of the Basque Country’s non stop rain, Mikel packs his bags and heads to Argentina where a distant uncle he met through Facebook promises him a job in his business. Mikel finds himself in a town founded by Basque emigres whose descendants are far much prouder of being Basque than the Basques themselves. And if this life without prospects wasn’t enough, Mikel now has to pretend to be somebody else when his Grandma Dolores, his uncle’s mom, wakes up from her lethargy after hearing him sing a lullaby in Basque.

Event Series Santos – Skin to Skin

Santos – Skin to Skin

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

One of the world’s foremost exponents of Afro-Latin music, Santos, through his mixed Puerto Rican and Cape Verdean heritage, strives to unite and expand his kaleidoscopic audience. Kathryn Golden follows Santos from rehearsals in his garage studio in Oakland, California, to performances at local community centers, gigs with congueros in Peñuelas, San Germán and Guánica, Puerto Rico, and concert stages around the United States.

Event Series One Way

One Way

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Emiliana, a mother and university professor, goes through a difficult time in her life when her son Santiago suffers an accident. She receives great support from a man she met on the street, Daniel, and she begins to feel a deep appreciation for him. However, the situation with her son and the crisis in Venezuela forces her hand, embarking on a new path outside the country to rebuild her life despite having to get away from Daniel.

Event Series Nothing Ever Happened

Nothing Ever Happened

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Galvão Teles’ devastating feature debut centers on a suicidal pact among three inseparable but alienated friends: Pedro, María and Paulo. Pedro shares his room with his grandfather who just moved from the country into his family’s small apartment. Pedro’s father is unemployed and his mother, the household's only income earner, is having an affair with her boss. The pact, once consummated, leaves Pedro’s father searching for answers.

Event Series Ironland


Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Lucas Bambozzi’s hybrid film follows Brazilian geographer Camila who, after decades in the United States, returns to her native state of Minas Gerais just as a dam bursts and floods several villages with highly toxic water. She embarks on a journey across the state to document how mining has shaped its history. She speaks to miners, activists and victims of the disaster. "Ironland" combines fact and fiction to present the devastation corporate greed has caused on the country’s environment and its people.

CLFF 39 Closing Night: Mamacruz

AMC River East 21   322 E Illinois Street, Chicago

Cruz (Kiti Manver, "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown") is a religiously devout woman who seeks affection from her dull husband. Both are taking care of their precocious granddaughter Viki after her mother leaves for Vienna in pursuit of a career as a professional dancer. One night, Cruz accidentally clicks on a porn website. Mortified at first, she finds herself rediscovering her own desires and seeks the help of a local women’s sex therapy group. Patricia Ortega’s second feature (her first, "Yo imposible", was an Official Selection of the 35th Chicago Latino Film Festival) is a sensitive and nuanced portrait of sexual reawakening.

Event Series I Have Electric Dreams

I Have Electric Dreams

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Winner of the Best Director, Best Actress and Best Actor Award at the Locarno International Film Festival and the Horizon Awards at San Sebastian, Valentina Maurel’s feature debut focuses on Eva, a strong-willed and restless 16-year-old girl who lives with her mother, her younger sister and their cat, who desperately wants to move in with her estranged father. Clinging onto him as he goes through a second adolescence, she balances between the tenderness and sensitivity of teenage life and the ruthlessness of the adult world.

Event Series Stewards of the Land

Stewards of the Land

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Stephanie, Ian and Alfredo are three young farmers who want to grow healthy produce for an island that imports most of its food, including fruits and vegetables. The farms they rent have been abandoned for decades. Their plans to rebuild these lands from the ground up are made that much more difficult by the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and María. Pagán Tetelbaum shows the protagonist’s grit as they attempt to carve out a living without land ownership or capital.

Event Series Daughter of Rage

Daughter of Rage

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Set against the backdrop of protests criticizing the government’s decision to privatize the waste services, Baumeister’s powerful feature debut tells the story of a mother and a daughter who live near Nicaragua's largest landfill.

Event Series Life in Silence

Life in Silence

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Juan Manuel Bernal stars in Arnaz’s 16mm feature debut as Fran, a freelance musician and single father who takes care of his 10-year-old autistic son. He hopes his son’s language therapy sessions will break the wall that stands between them. But when Mariana, Samuel’s mother, returns to their lives after abandoning them, Fran will have to decide what is best for his son.

Event Series The Visitor

The Visitor

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Humberto’s greatest desire, after his recent release from prison, is to rebuild his relationship with his estranged daughter and provide her with a decent life. But her grandparents—wealthy Evangelical pastors—are not willing to give up custody. Bullied into a corner financially and ideologically, Humberto is forced to face his own demons while simultaneously fighting a powerful ecclesiastical institution to which he once belonged. Set in the central Bolivian city of Cochabamba, "The Visitor" is a somber meditation on class, family relationships, and the increasing power of Evangelism in Latin America.

Event Series A Male

A Male

Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark Street, Chicago

Carlos lives in a youth shelter in the center of Bogotá, a refuge from the harsh life and violence that hounds him. He longs to spend Christmas day with his mother and sister even if it means that he will have to abide by the law of the strongest when his manhood is challenged. Hernández’s feature debut is the story of a vulnerable young man who must find his own way in a toxic world.

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