Frequently Asked Questions



Visit to purchase tickets

  • $15 (Fees Included) general public
  • $13 (Fees Included) Seniors, and Students
  • $12 (Fees Included) for ILCC members,
  • Festival Passport: 10 films: $100 for general public ($50 savings) and $80 for ILCC members, students and seniors ($70 savings)


  • Most features are paired with a short film that will play prior
  • All films are played in their original language with English subtitles
  • Once you have purchased a ticket for your film, you will be able to start watching any time during the 3 days that it is available in the schedule.
  • Once you begin watching, you will have 24 hours to finish watching the film.
  • If you purchase a ticket on the last day a film is available, you will only have until the end of the day to start watching the film.

Where will the festival be streamed?

You can view the films through Eventive, the same website where you can purchase tickets. (

Can I view the films on my television?

Yes; Eventive is available on Roku, Apple Tv, Chromecast, and/or Smart Tv. Please visit help if you need help setting up your television.

How can I access senior and student tickets?

Please contact our ticketing team (see information below) in order to receive the promo code. Verification will be needed.

Have ticketing questions?

For Tech Support

For any viewing issues refer to You can also Live chat with a member of their team