Every year, a panel of judges select the winning poster for the annual Chicago Latino Film Festival.
The selected poster becomes the face of the Festival, as it will be on the cover of half-a-million newsprint programs, invitations, program books, electronic ads, t-shirts and more.


Three raised fists, representing Ibero-America’s racial diversity, each grasping a different film or digital camera, are the centerpiece of the winning design. “This poster is inspired by the resilience and strength of the Latino people. Latinos have experienced the struggle for their rights and for being recognized as a diverse culture, rich in customs, race, and talent. For this reason, the fist symbolizes the courage we have to achieve our goals and the unity of the races because all lives are worth it. In turn, the fist is connected with art and cinema. That is why each hand wields the evolution of cinematography represented in different types of cameras. The background is made up of the festival’s logo and a set of leaves that give the composition a tropical and colored tint. Finally, all together represents the union between Latinos and the American culture, the seventh art, and the festival’s place of origin,” said Natalia Osorio Quintero.

“Natalia’s poster speaks to the moment we live in. It not only reflects the social movements and protests that resulted from the obvious racial disparities that became evident with this pandemic but to the evolution of film from celluloid to digital and the moving image’s continuing role in recording, preserving and sharing our stories in moments of crisis. And that’s exactly what we are aiming for in this 37th edition of the Festival,” said Pepe Vargas, founder and executive director of the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago.

Born in Pereira, Colombia, Natalia Osorio Quintero has over 10 years of experience working with marketing and graphic design teams in different Latin American countries. For the last five years, she has been helping small businesses in the United States achieve their goals as well as helping American companies that want to get closer to the Latino community. She is a co-founder of the CPC Global Group, an interdisciplinary professional team whose philosophy is that the best relations are built co-creating and understanding that behind any industry or company, there are people.


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