Original Short Film Title • Entre Dos Islas

Synopsis in English

Sayu is a teenager who struggles between divergent realities that shape her identity. On the one hand, she is a Cuban who skates and loves to sing, but on the other, she is a Japanese woman whom her family wants to take back to Japan to give her a better future. Her day-to-day life is characterized by irreconcilable crossroads. Sayu seeks refuge in corners and people in the city to avoid facing a decision that her parents have made for her.

Sinopsis en Español

Sayu, en su adolescencia, se debate entre realidades divergentes para conformar su identidad. Por una parte es una cubana que practica skate y adora cantar, pero por otra es una japonesa a la que su familia quiere llevar de vuelta a Japón para darle un futuro mejor. Su día a día se caracteriza por un cruce de caminos irreconciliables. Sayu busca refugio en rincones y personas de la ciudad para evitar hacer frente a una decisión que sus padres han tomado por ella.

†This Short Film will show at the screening of 98 Seconds Without Shadow on Tuesday, April 18th and Thursday, April 20th, 2023.