Original Title • Cuentos de Un Día Más

Six Cuban filmmakers, under the editorial guidance of Fernando Pérez (“Suite Havana”), craft seven stories about Cuba in the time of COVID: A little girl tries to protect one of her two great possessions: a dove; Paloma arrives at the decaying house that someone, upon departing, left her, the pattern of the walls telling as many stories as the poultry farm in an inner room; after being released from prison, Ernesto begins to work at a cinema shuttered by the pandemic; Mara delivers drinks to people’s homes; Gaby spends the lockdown taking photographs from her balcony; Gallo, a temperamental trumpeter, disturbs his neighbors with his playing.

Directed by: Fernando Pérez/Rosa Ma. Rodríguez/Alan González/Carolina Fernández Vega Charadan/Yoel Infante/Katherine T. Gavilán/Eduardo Eimil