Starring Mexican actor and comedian Omar Chaparro and Teatro Vista Ensemble member Max Arciniega (who also co-wrote and co-executive produced the film), “The Wingwalker” is the story of Julian, a father and widower whose life takes an unexpected turn when a misdemeanor lands him in jail and he is eventually deported to Mexico. Julian’s nine-year-old daughter, Sofia, who has been diagnosed with a terminal heart disease and is scheduled for a heart transplant in two weeks, is left in the care of her irresponsible uncle, Nick. Knowing the possibility of never seeing his daughter alive again is real, Julian fights to go back by any means necessary. In the process, he comes face to face with the harsh realities faced by many migrants who make their way to the U.S. border. “The Wingwalker” is a moving, suspenseful, sometimes terrifying exploration of one of the most urgent issues facing this country today.

Actor Omar Chaparro, director and co-writer Alonso Álvarez Barreda and actor, co-writer and executive produce Max Arciniega are scheduled to attend both screenings.